Epiphany Blessings

Epiphany Water
On Sunday, January 5, the Blessing of Water on the Vigil of the Epiphany of the Lord will take place after the 11:30am High Mass. Each family may bring one secure, easily-opened container of water to be blessed.

Epiphany Chalk
Chalk will be blessed after the 6:30am Mass on Monday, January 6.

Blessing of Homes
The homes of all registered parishioners will be blessed from the sanctuary of the church following the 7:00pm High Mass on January 6. You may sprinkle your homes with the newly blessed water and inscribe the door-way of your home with the blessed chalk in honor of the 3 Magi, Caspar, Melichior, and Balthasar, thusly: 20 C+M+B 20