ARS All Souls Novena of Masses

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Your deceased are always remembered daily in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, but especially during the month of November. Additionally, the Altar & Rosary Society is sponsoring a Novena of Masses for the Holy Souls (November 2-10). A minimum offering of $20.00 is requested. Envelopes and forms will be available Sunday, October 20. You may enroll the names of your deceased loves ones and drop the envelope in the collection. Funds raised will be retained by SPD Church to help defray burial costs of impoverished parishioners.

Adult Catechism Class

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Fr. Fongemie will offer an Adult Catechism class this fall based on the oral lectures of Bishop Fulton Sheen. The class will meet weekly on Wednesdays at 7:00pm and Saturdays at 10:00am. The Saturday lessons follow the Wednesday lessons, but in a somewhat condensed form. Attendance at every meeting is not required. 

Holy Week Schedule 2019

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Holy Week 2019: April 14 – 21

Follows will be the schedule for the Holy Week liturgies:

Palm Sunday: Low Masses 7:00am, 9:00am;  Sung Mass: 11:30am

Monday – Wednesday: normal mass schedule (6:30am Mon,Tues;  6:30am & 6:00pm Wed.  No Wed novena devotions)

Holy Thursday: Solemn Mass of the Lord’s Supper: 7:00pm

Good Friday: Stations of the Cross 12:00pm;   Solemn Mass of the Presanctified: 3:00pm

***Holy Saturday: Solemn Mass of the Vigil of Easter: 4:00pm <—please note time! This is not a typo (see below).

Easter Sunday: Low Masses 7:00am, 9:00am;  Sung Mass: 11:30am

Please note the following in regards to the Holy Week liturgies:

In 2018, we were selected as one of the apostolates who were given permission to participate in a three-year ad experimentum use of the Holy Week liturgies as they were celebrated prior to the so-called “restored” Holy Week of 1955.   

The pre-1955 liturgies are very ancient and were in use in the Latin Church for almost two millennia before significant alterations were made in 1955 as part of the overall “liturgical renewal” taking place in the Church at that time.  

***With respect to the pre-1955 Holy Saturday liturgy, please note that it is somewhat longer (approx 4 hours) and concludes with the office of Vespers (not Lauds as in ’62), hence the liturgy is properly celebrated in the mid-afternoon so that it may conclude in the early evening (ie, the normal time of Vespers).  

Please also note that the Holy Saturday liturgy still counts for your Sunday/Easter obligation to attend Mass.  If you attend the Holy Saturday Easter Vigil it is not required to attend one of the Easter morning Masses the next day (although you are certainly welcome to.) 

Stations of the Cross for Lent 2019

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Stations of the Cross will be prayed after all Masses on Fridays in Lent unless otherwise announced.

9:00am Friday Mass Resumed

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With the basement construction project completed, (thanks to your many sacrifices and generosity!) the 9:00am Mass on Friday will resume beginning on April 6th.

God reward your for your patience during construction!   

9:00am Friday Mass Suspended for Construction

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Due to the very noisy and disruptive jack-hammering which will begin in the basement this week, there will not be a 9am Mass on Fridays until construction is completed.   
Please note there will also not be heat in the church during the daytime during construction hours.
We hope to have all construction work completed by the 1st week of April.
Your continued patience and understanding are appreciated.  
God reward you,

Fr. John Fongemie, Chaplain

Priests Away – Limited Mass Schedule Jan 10-12, 2018

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Due to the required attendance of all FSSP priests from January 10-12, 2018 in order to elect delegates for next year’s General Chapter, there will be a limited Mass schedule on those days.  Accordingly:

Wednesday, January 10—Mass at 6:30am only  (No evening Mass or devotions)

Thursday, January 11—NO MASSES this day.

Friday, January 12—Mass at 6:00pm only (No morning Masses)

Parish Basement Construction to begin in January

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Dear Parishioners,

In order to solve ongoing issues with groundwater seepage into the basement, there will be construction commencing in January to excavate the church foundation in order to ensure proper water drainage away from the building.   We have been assured by the various engineers that have been consulted that this should alleviate our basement water issues.  This work will is scheduled to begin towards the end of January.

As part of this work, a drain tile system and sump pumps will be installed in the church interior. This will be an involved process. There will be sheet rock and floor tile demolition, dismantling of parts of the kitchen, jackhammering of concrete and all manner of upheaval. The parish hall and bathrooms will be largely unusable at least in part.
It may well be that we are several weeks without Catechism and coffee and doughnuts.  We appreciate your cooperation and your prayers during the discomfort but in the end we hope to have a basement with proper drainage free of flooding and water issues.  
Soon after New Year’s,  we will have a working party to gather all the basement contents in an appropriate fashion and do a lot of covering with plastic. More information with be forthcoming. 
You continued generosity is greatly appreciated. 



Confirmations 2018

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Retired Archbishop James P. Keleher will be conferring the sacrament of Confirmation here at St. Philippine Duchesne on Saturday, April 21st at 9:00am.   

If you or your child are in need of the sacrament of Confirmation please let one of the priests know so that we can get your information and ensure that you are enrolled in the appropriate class. 


Holy Week Schedule 2017

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April 13-16, 2017

Holy Thursday: Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7:00pm

Good Friday: Stations of the Cross 12:00pm;   Solemn Liturgy 3:00pm

Holy Saturday: Easter Vigil Mass 10:00pm

Easter Sunday: Masses 7:00am; 9:00am; 11:30am