Holy Week Schedule 2018

March 25 – April 1, 2018


Palm Sunday: Masses 7:00am; 9:00am; 11:30am

Monday – Wednesday: normal mass schedule

Holy Thursday: Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7:00pm

Good Friday: Stations of the Cross 12:00pm;   Mass of the Presanctified 3:00pm

***Holy Saturday: Mass of the Vigil of Easter 3:00pm  <—please note earlier time! This is not a typo (see below).

Easter Sunday: Masses 7:00am; 9:00am; 11:30am

*** Please note the following in regards to the Holy Saturday liturgy:

We were selected as one of apostolates under the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei (the governing body that regulates the use of the Extraordinary Form) permission to participate in a three-year ad experimentum use of the Holy Week liturgies as they were celebrated prior to the so-called “restored” Holy Week of 1955.   

The pre-1955 liturgies are very ancient and were in use in the Latin Church for centuries before significant alterations were made in 1955 as part of the overall “liturgical renewal” taking place in the Church at that time.  

With respect to the pre-1955 Holy Saturday liturgy, please note that it is much longer (4+ hours) and concludes with the office of Vespers, hence its placement in the mid-afternoon so as to conclude in the early evening (ie, the time of Vespers).  

Don’t worry, despite the earlier start time, the Holy Saturday liturgy still counts for your Sunday/Easter obligation to attend Mass.  If you attend the Holy Saturday Easter Vigil it is not necessary to attend one of the Easter morning Masses the next day. 

However, given that the Saturday liturgy concludes in the evening, allowing for a full night’s sleep, we hope that this will encourage people who wish to be able attend both the Vigil and one of the morning Masses to do so without the concomitant sleep deprivation.